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Archive for 14 January 2013

HMV on the brink of bankruptcy

Things aren’t looking good for the UK games business at retail.

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Call of the Wildman: Gas Powered Games launch aRPG-RTS hybrid Kickstarter

The countdown to Gas Powered Games’ game reveal hasn’t actually quite finished at the time of writing, but the news was just too eager to burst free.

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The new Age of Conan content Secrets of Dragon’s Spine launches

The latest update to Age of Conan is now live on the servers called The Secrets of Dragon’s Spine.

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Collectible ‘Dev Team’ edition of Dead Space 3 now on sale

The only recorded instance of something proliferating through the universe faster than the Necromorph menace is the exponential growth of pre-order ‘limited edition’ videogame bundles, stuffed with collectible goodies.

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Bike to the future: Milestone announces MotoGP 13

Development of the MotoGP series has returned to Milestone, and the Milan-based team has today announced that it will release MotoGP 13 later in the year.

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Get your Warframe beta keys now in our giveaway

There’s a game called Warframe that many of you have probably never heard of, it has slipped under a lot of gamer’s radars.

14 Jan 2013 | 7

Aliens: Colonial Marines PC Specs Revealed – Pre-orders Today

It’s time to see if your PC rig can take some Alien killing action with the reveal of the system specs for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

14 Jan 2013 | 2

PC Game Charts Week Ending 12 January

It’s another rather stagnant week in  in the UK PC game charts with not much going on which is expected for this time of year.

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