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Archive for 9 January 2013

None of the CES PC prototypes are the ‘Steam Box,’ according to Valve

There’s been a lot of confusion regarding Valve’s rumoured entry into the hardware market with the so-called ‘Steam Box.’ It began with comments from Valve last year that they were looking into stand-alone hardware that could run Steam and hook up to TVs, and has come to a head at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with a number of other companies showing off small, Steam-compatible PCs.

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New Grim Dawn shots show more finished levels for the ARPG

Crate Entertainment has kicked off 2013 with another developer update for Grim Dawn with new shots showing alpha zones which had been playable but have now been brought up to a high visual standard.

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RPG Legends of Dawn reaches Kickstarter goal and gets new video

The 3D open world PC RPG Legends of Dawn has managed to reach its Kickstarter goal with eight days to spare. 

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‘Three Dog’ voice actor Erik Dellums teases something Fallout-related

Erik Todd Dellums, the US actor who provided voice work in Fallout 3 as Wasteland radio host ‘Three Dog,’ has suggested on twitter that something Fallout-related involving the same character may be on its way.

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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters goes into open beta

American McGee has decided to launch an open Beta for Spicy Horse’s ARPG Akaneiro : Demon Hunters.

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Brian Fargo confirms and details a non-Planescape successor to Torment

This may well be one of the worst-kept RPG secrets of recent times, but it is now officially confirmed that Brian Fargo and inXile are in pre-production of a successor to the acclaimed Planescape: Torment and will be attempting to Kickstart the title at a yet-to-be-defined date.

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Next Planetside 2 update detailed – XP changes incoming

SOE are back after the holidays and dropped a huge information update regarding the next patch which is due out on 30 January.

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Royal expansion: Bloody Palace Mode will be free update for DmC Devil May Cry

Until now, there hadn’t been any word of the traditional (well, traditional since the second game in the series) Devil May Cry ‘Bloody Palace’ mode in DmC. 

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Video of original Half Life alpha footage surfaces

Half Life was simply an outstanding title when it was released back in 1998 and it put Valve firmly on the map.

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Marvel Heroes Founders Program Launches

Gazillion are giving ARPG and Marvel fans the chance to join Marvel Heroes early and purchase the limited edition digital Founder Pack.

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TERA goes free to play in Europe next month

Gameforge has today announced that their MMO TERA will be going free to play from February 2013.

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Intro video shows the bustling world of Sim City

EA has today released the intro video for Sim City which shows the massive scale of the game with a huge variety of options and city types players will be able to construct when the game is released on 8 March.

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IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #97

The first episode of 2013 finds the IncGamers Podcast team eager(ish) to discuss PC hardware developments.

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$83 million raised on Kickstarter for games in 2012

2012 was a big year for videogame projects on Kickstarter with more new games looking for funding every month as the year rolled on.

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Dungeonland casts open its doors on 22 January

Dungeonland, Critical Games’ co-op focused adventure in a theme park gone badly wrong (or, I suppose, right), now has a release date of 22 January.

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