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Archive for 7 January 2013

DayZ explains release date delay, launching closed test “imminently”

The initial plan for Arma II zombie-survival mod DayZ was a stand-alone release before the end of 2012.

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The Elder Scrolls Online answers queries about the Daggerfall Covenant

Lore-heads, prepare yourself for another Q&A session with the Elder Scrolls Online team.

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THQ bankruptcy auction set for 22 January

As reported over the weekend, today was the big day for further court discussions regarding THQ’s rejected bankruptcy proposal.

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Six more cloud gaming companies will use Nvidia’s GRID service

Nvidia’s GRID system has been around for a while now. Back in May 2012 the company announced a partnership with Gaikai, in which the cloud gaming company would use Nvidia’s server structure to provide consumers with streaming access to games.

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Missing Worlds Media formed to create City of Heroes successor

When it was announced that City of Heroes was to shut down the community was less than pleased with the announcement and the reasons for its closure.

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Independent Games Festival announces its 2013 finalists

The 15th Annual Independent Games Festival has completed its deliberations over which indie games had the trendiest haircuts, edgiest messages and chiptuniest chiptunes.

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Blizzard planning linux game release in 2013?

Blizzard has never committed to releasing a game on Linux because they have always felt it was not commerciually viable in today’s market, but the mood could be changing.

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SteelSeries introduces the new RAW range of keyboards

With CES taking place there’s going to be plenty of tech announcements this week and SteelSeeries has just revealed a new keyboard range going by the name Apex.

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Nvidia unveils Project Shield to stream PC games to portable device

Nvidia has revealed their latest piece of tech currently called project Shield at CES.

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UK PC Charts for week ending 5th January

A rather unexciting PC chart this week, it’s stacked with non-movers.

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Upcoming PC Games of 2013: January – April

A brand new year means a whole hard-drives worth of fresh digital joy (and, inevitably, weary disappointment) to look forward to.

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