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War Z patched – Players find themselves banned

21 Dec 2012  by   Paul Younger
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The War Z (5)

It’s really not been a good week for the War Z team at Hammerpoint Interactive. This evening they deployed a new patch which fixes the following:

  • Early revive was removed
  • Revive time is set to 1 hour
  • Scoreboard was updated
  • After dying, you will get disconnected automatically in 60 seconds
  • Some more Christmas items were added. Try to find them in the Colorado
  • Zombies were optimized, should improve framerate in Campos, Boulder city
  • Fixed an issue with items sometimes falling through the ground
  • Fixed an issue when you were not able to pick up an item if it is partially inside the wall
  • Fixed an issue that using bandages on other player were not updating item’s cool-down properly
  • Crosshair in 3rd person view was improved
  • Fixed an issue with grass on low frame rate

There’s a bit of a kicker with this update. Players started to find themselves with a 72 hour ban, or in some cases perm banned, for carrying out simple tasks like picking up game objects or even approaching a zombies.

In light of recent events this week, players need to be reminded that the game is really quite incomplete and buggy and these sorts of bugs are going to continue to appear. We do urge gamers not to pick the game if they’re going to be frustrated with game-breaking bugs, War Z needs a lot of work, more work than you may have been lead to believe.

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  1. CursedSeishi

    And yet they refuse to even acknowledge that their game is in Beta or Alpha, instead claiming its a “Foundation” build that excuses them from whatever they are doing (mostly wrong). It’s no surprise about the harsh response towards them, specially on steam where its actually somewhat worse, with alleged abuse of moderator powers to silence any form of negative criticism.

    December 21, 2012 at 3:23 am
  2. I can’t see this game going anywhere. The devs keep shooting themselves in the foot and shoving their shoes in their mouths. I would have been interested had they not shown their complete lack of professionalism.

    December 21, 2012 at 4:05 am

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