Twisted Christmas: Giana Sisters offer freebie winter level

11 Dec 2012 by Peter Parrish
Twisted Christmas: Giana Sisters offer freebie winter level

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the threat of vicious Santa-Owls. Black Forest Games, developers of the Kickstarter-aided : , are preparing to release a free, winter-themed for their game. It’ll feature the aforementioned Santa-Owls and a lot of “morphing holiday objects,” as well as plenty of snow.

People who already own the game will be able to select it under the ‘extras’ tab in-game and download it for free. It’ll be available through Steam, and Gamersgate too. Not only that, it’ll be available for anybody to download as a free stand-alone. That means anyone will be able to grab it and sample a small part of the updated Giana Sisters for themselves.

There doesn’t seem to be a release date for this yet, but no doubt it’ll be along before Christmas consumes us all in a blaze of ribbon and cheap plastic toys.

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