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Patrician power: Crusader Kings II adds merchants in Republic DLC

10 Dec 2012 by Peter Parrish
Patrician power: Crusader Kings II adds merchants in Republic DLC

In the third expansion release for Crusader Kings II, Paradox is introducing the capitalistic tendencies of the great Patrician families of the age. Royal bloodline no longer trumps all where money is concerned. As head of a merchant empire, you’ll need to expand and defend your trade areas, survive feuds with rival houses and scheme to take over more territory.

Crusader Kings II: The Republic will be released in early 2013, priced at $10 USD.

Players will be able to control one of the heavyweight merchant republics from either “Venice, Genoa, Pisa, the Hanseatic League or Gotland”. As you expand your trade empire through the building of trade posts, maybe you’ll set some cash aside for a dodgy Doge election campaign.

You can read more about The Republic at Paradox’s own site.

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