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More optimisations and features coming to Planetside 2 in January

7 Dec 2012 by Paul Younger
More optimisations and features coming to Planetside 2 in JanuaryPlanetside 2

If you’ve been following twitter this week, SOE’s John Smedley has been posting up a storm about  hacks and hackers. Smedley is back in action today going over current issues in a new state of the game update addressing the hacks and future plans for the game.

It sounds like there are going to be a load of updates next month with “a big improvement” coming in January which should optimise the game further, which is good news, it runs like a bit of a dog on my rig.

Next month a six month plan for the game will also be revealed which they hope will be open for comments and suggestions from the community. The dev team are also working on new features  such as orbital strikes, vehicle transport and more, but we’ll have to wait to see what actually makes it into the game based on feedback.

Cheating and hacks are a “top priority” for the team according to Smedley with the anti-hacking team sticking to a “no mercy” policy when it comes to getting rid of the hacks and players taking advantage.

It sounds like SOE are wanting to make sure the game is solid for players, which is great to see, especially when it comes to hacks.

Source: Planetside 2

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