IncGamers Podcast Special: Dishonored

14 Dec 2012 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast Special: DishonoredDishonored Podcast Special

Dishonored Podcast Special

In this Special, Peter and Tim discuss a shared favourite from 2012; Arkane’s Dishonored. We talk about the game’s lineage, fromĀ Thief: The Dark Project to Arkane’s own back catalogue, and where the title distinguishes itself from and improves upon the games of the past.

Expect plenty of chat about mechanics, level design, chaos, morality, art direction, character and some specific points of plot speculation (is The Outsider really a whale, or is he just a teenage vampire with some hangups about free will?) You can also be sure of many, many spoilers for the game, so if you intend to play at all, do so, then come back to listen to this.

With the first piece of DLC (Dunwall Trials) just released, we delve into some speculation about what the next expansion might bring and tackle the double-edged sword of a possible sequel.

Crank up your audiograph and settle in for 90 minutes of Dishonored chat. If you have not read our review of the game, you can do so right here.

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