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How the Elite: Dangerous galaxy evolves over time

1 Dec 2012 by Paul Younger
How the Elite: Dangerous galaxy evolves over timeDavid Braben

In his latest Kickstarter update, explains how the galaxy will evolve over time. He uses an example of a space station being constructed and explains that player will see it under construction over time and how it will then play a part in the game world with dignitaries visiting with an opening ceremony will take place, You will not actually see the ceremony happening in the game but it will have consequences for the players.

Events like these will be happening all over the galaxy and may take place over the period of a month in earth time. He uses this as a basic example but also looks at more complex scenarios where the player will have to make choices in how they act in the ever changing galaxy.

If you missed Peter’s interview with David from yesterday, you can read that here.

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