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12 Dec 2012 by Peter Parrish Christmas sale puts Duke Nukem 3D in your stocking

Duke Nukem 3D

If you’re lacking one copy of from your games collection,’s Christmas sale will be able to sort you out with a freebie. The digital platform created to specialise in “good old games” is giving away the ‘Atomic Edition’ of the 1996 shooter as part of its sales promotion for the festive period. Claim your copy here (you’ll need a free .com account, but that’s it).

Notable sales that I can spy on GoG’s front page include 40% off The Witcher 2 (making it $12.00 USD), Planescape: Torment for $5.00 USD and Legend of Grimrock at half off ($7.50 USD).

There’s also a special ‘Bullfrog Favourites‘ deal, which will give you eight of Peter Molyneux’s finest (including Syndicate, Theme Hospital, Populous and a pair of Dungeon Keepers) for just $12.00 USD. That particular promotion ends in 21 hours from the time of writing this news bit.

The main sale itself will end on 3 January.

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