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End of Days is coming to The Secret World preceded by a new ARG

3 Dec 2012 by Paul Younger
End of Days is coming to The Secret World preceded by a new ARGThe Secret World End of Days

Things are going to get nasty on 21 December in when there will be a “cataclysmic event that marks the end of time as we know it”. In other words, the Mayan end of the world prediction date.

Preceding this “cataclysmic event”, are launching a new alternative reality game () set in and around The Secret World. Pre-registrations are now being taken for the event which they say will kick off in a few days time.

Note you don’t have to be a TSW player to take part, but if you do play, there are “exclusive prizes” up for grabs prior to the event on the 21st.

It all sounds rather mysterious and this is not the first time Funcom has run a succesful ARG so it could be a lot of fun to take part. If you are still unsure what exaxtly it involves, Funcom explain:

An Alternate Reality Game (ARG) is an interactive event that integrates aspects of the real world as a platform to tell a story. Individuals and companies that may seem to be part of the real world are actually actors who have adapted according to a storyline that only you are aware of. Part narrative and part interactive, the ARG happens in real time and will interact with you via the channel of your choice.

As to what will happen on the 21 December, well that’s anyone’s guess right now.

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