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Dizzy Returns devs: Kickstarter projects “should be judged on their own merits”

4 Dec 2012 by Peter Parrish
Dizzy Returns devs: Kickstarter projects “should be judged on their own merits”

The Oliver Twins, creative forces behind the Dizzy series and recent Kickstarter effort, have addressed criticism directed at projects launched by ‘established’ game developers. Defending their appearance on and the £350,000 GBP funding goal, the Olivers told IncGamers that “A project should be judged on its own merits,? ?not on how big or small the team behind it is.?”

“The wonderful thing about Kickstarter is that it celebrates creativity and originality?; ?we firmly believe that those things aren’t dependent on the size of the company or group of individuals involved.”

“There are talented,? ?creative and passionate people behind each project … ?whether it’s a team of? ?50? ?employed by an established studio or an individual working on their own.?”

A full interview with the Olivers will be published on IncGamers in the coming days.

Dizzy Returns has raised around £22,000 GBP at the time of writing.

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