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Deponia trilogy to conclude with Goodbye Deponia in 2013

10 Dec 2012 by Peter Parrish
Deponia trilogy to conclude with Goodbye Deponia in 2013

Prepare to bid a fond (well, as fond as is possible for a planet made from trash) farewell to Daedalic’s series in 2013, with the third and final installment: . In this episode, Rufus and Goal must find a way to reach Elysium and save Deponia from certain destruction.

Sadly, the former’s “unmatched talent to wreak havoc on everybody and everything” will be getting in the way, no doubt leading to more puzzling situations for players to solve. Apparently, this set of problems is going to be so large that Rufus would need three versions of himself to deal with them. To me, that sounds like an invitation to experiment in cloning.

Goodbye Deponia will be released in autumn of 2013. Two screenshots from the game can be seen above and below.

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