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Archive for 7 December 2012

Jagex goes Commando style for latest Ace of Spades trailer

After introducing the Rocketeer yesterday, Jagex are back with another class trailer from Ace of Spades (which had better feature a certain special song in its soundtrack).

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Paradox releases Dungeonland gameplay highlights package

On 4 December, Paradox embarked on a near three-hour livestream of their upcoming Adventurers vs Dungeon Master title, Dungeonland.

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Shades of Darkness expansion announced for Might & Magic Heroes VI

Ubisoft has announced that a standalone (no copy of the original game required) expansion for Might & Magic Heroes VI will be released in late February next year.

7 Dec 2012 | 2

More optimisations and features coming to Planetside 2 in January

If you’ve been following twitter¬†this week, SOE’s John Smedley has been posting up a storm about Planetside 2 ¬†hacks and hackers.

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Bioshock Infinite Delayed Again

Irrational Games’ hotly tipped Bioshock Infinite appears to have suffered another release delay.

7 Dec 2012 | 1

Guns and Robots Beta Key Giveaway

Time for another Beta key giveaway as we team up with Masthead Studios to giveaway keys for Guns and Robots, their arena based robot combat title with customisable characters and a vast array of weaponry.

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22Cans on GODUS mobile, landscapes, monetisation and the prototype

22Cans are back this evening as Peter and Jack continue their on-screen bromance with another GODUS update.

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Firefall Beta starts early

We’ve just had word from Red 5 studios that the beta servers for the Firefall Beta Weekend have gone live.

7 Dec 2012 | 1