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War of the Roses to add “pitched battle” mode this week

19 Nov 2012 by Peter Parrish
War of the Roses to add “pitched battle” mode this week

There’s a new mode of play on the way for which will test your ability to keep your character alive. “Pitched Battle’ mode will be added to the game (for free) on Wednesday 21 November, initially as an open beta test accessible by all players, and its key feature will be the introduction of permanent death (on a round-by-round basis, at least).

Yes, if you die during a “pitched battle” match, you die for the duration of that encounter. This means people who bother to stop and heal people will become your best friends, and learning how to bandage a wound is essential.

The update will be adding some new arms and armour too, including the “Kingmaker” sword (above), new heavy armour, a gothic mace, halberd and horn-spanned crossbow. Look out for all of those this Wednesday, probably as they whistle towards your face at rapid speed.

Paradox will be livestreaming some “pitched battle” matches through their Twitch TV channel this Wednesday, at 6pm GMT/10am PST.

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