The WarZ rethinks clan rules, outlines future

30 Nov 2012 by Peter Parrish
The WarZ rethinks clan rules, outlines futureWarZ Logo

has confirmed that clan creation will be free in The WarZ, something which had been in doubt in recent days causing some concern in the community. There will, however, be a cap on size (unless you’re willing to pay). Default clan size is said to be set at “10-20 members” with additional increments of 20 being sold at around $5 USD.

The developers have also outlined a timeline for the addition of future features. Some of these are confirmed to be on the way (such as improved anti-hacking measures), while others fall more under the “wishlist” category.

Here’s what’s said to be heading to the game in the immediate future (December):

- Clans
– Friends
– Leaderboards
– Server rentals
– New set of building blocks ( aka barricades and USABLE objects like hydroponics systems )
– Call for help functionality
– Accessing your inventory from Safe Settlement without loging out of the game
– Accessing Store from Safe Settlement without loging out of the game
– .22 cal guns – rifles, pistols
– More cool melee weapons
– Better use of ballistic helmets, armor vests.
– Flare guns ( okay we had it for a while, but just didn’t released it to you guys yet )
– Better weight system
– Option to turn on crosshairs in TPS

For more on the direction of the game, and news that it will be coming to Steam, head to the full post.

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