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The WarZ addresses upcoming data wipe

28 Nov 2012 by Peter Parrish
The WarZ addresses upcoming data wipeWarZ Logo

A message posted on the WarZ forums confirms that a planned wipe of data will most likely go ahead towards the end of this week. The team seem satisfied that the latest patch for the game (still in its Alpha phase) has hammered out a few exploits and found a reasonable balance for in-game items.

As a result, all inventory items (global and local) will be wiped, and all character stats reset to zero. It’s a clean slate, essentially.

Any currency belonging to the player (in the form of ‘GC’) will be reset to the levels concurrent with the pre-order package purchased by them, with a little extra on top (“We will add in some additional GC for ALL packages including Survivors,” the post states).

In a new move for the game, post-wipe all items will have weight to them (presumably forcing a little more in the way of inventory management).

There’s some unrest on the thread about the recent discovery that membership numbers in the game’s clans may have a pay-wall. At the present time, it appears that adding more than three players to a clan will cost real life currency. The development team do not yet appear to have confirmed or denied (or even commented on) this move.

Tim, Paul and I recently spent some time bumbling around in the woods and settlements of WarZ. Head here if you fancy watching some of the world’s most awkward ‘hammer hitting’ animations.


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