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Star Citizen pledge grace period runs through this weekend as RSI team thanks backers.

22 Nov 2012 by Paul Younger
Star Citizen pledge grace period runs through this weekend as RSI team thanks backers.Roberts Space Industries feature

If you tuned into the live stream as they reached the goal for , there was continuous concern over whether the Roberts Space Industries site could handle the load. Some users did have difficulty in pledging cash or changing their pledges due to the site crashes which was unfortunate for all parties.

In an update on the site, the development team extend their gratitude to fans who have backed the Star Citizen project to the tune of well over $6 million. The update also announces a “grace period” for those who experienced difficulty with the RSI site and this will run through this weekend.

In the aftermath of some of the craziest 48 hours we’ve ever experienced it’s become clear that there’s a sizable number of people that were unable to pledge, or adjust their pledges due to the difficulties with the RSI site. Many people tried repeatedly over the weekend, only for the site to crash at various points during the check out. Some people switched to Kickstarter, but there were also a large number of people that Kickstarter wasn’t an option and so they have been left high and dry. The focus of our campaign was, from day one, involving the fans and trying to give them as many options to support us as possible. The last thing we want to do is punish any of you, and so we have decided to adapt our plans and offer a grace period for all current members of the RSI community.

If you have a membership, regardless of whether you have previously purchased a tier, you will be able to pledge at the current prices through this weekend. We will keep the limited add-on ships available through that time for everyone who tried to purchase one but wasn’t able. Everything will switch to the new pricing structure on Monday November 26th

RSI has also released their “pledge” to the community now the funding is over and this document outlines their goals and the promise to “deliver the game you expect”.

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