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PC version of GTA V hinted at in retailer’s advert and listed for sale

18 Nov 2012 by Paul Younger
PC version of GTA V hinted at in retailer’s advert and listed for sale
GameMania ads clearly show PC
GTA V PC retailer advert

GameMania ads clearly show

An advert on Dutch retailer GameMania hints that there will be a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V released and the game is also now listed for PC on their site to pre-order. There has been no official confirmation of a PC release of GTA V, but either the retailer is wishful thinking or they know something we don’t and the game will be coming to PC.

Rockstar has never been quick to push out PC versions of their titles  but the ad indicates that it could be released at the same time as the PS3 and 360. Going on past experience, we don’t hold out much hope for a simultaneous PC release but we can at least hope it will happen.

None of this is official of course and we’ll treat it as either a misprint or rumour at this point. It would be nice to think that Rockstar won’t forget their PC fans, after all it’s the PC version of the original that helped to make the franchise what it is today.


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