No 0x10c at Minecon, have an editor pic instead

21 Nov 2012 by Paul Younger
No 0x10c at Minecon, have an editor pic instead0x10c

With about to get underway in Paris, Markus Persson was busy tweeting away this morning with more on his space game .

After a false start with his first tweet, he finally confirmed that the game will not be on show at Minecon

I’m working on a ship editor for 0x10c, which is what we’re hoping to show at Minecon. So far it’s just the rooms inside the ship

Ahhh! I had a typo in my previous tweet, which explains the confusing replies I’m getting. I meant to say we’re NOT showing 0x10c at Minecon.

There’s no way this will be finished in time, especially considering how inefficient my panic coding is.

In a later tweet to show he’s busy working away on the game, he released a shot of the  the editor which basically shows a series of rooms. Exciting!

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