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Model Citizen: Metro Last Light’s latest live action trailer

29 Nov 2012 by Peter Parrish
Model Citizen: Metro Last Light’s latest live action trailer

Despite being in perilous financial straits, still seems to have plenty of money to throw around for marketing its increasingly-delayed set of forthcoming games. Live-action trailers aren’t cheap, and this is the second presentation to make use of real actors.

In this one, a former model finds herself in the unenviable position of having to sell her body to get by in the underground world she now finds herself in. Some of the shot choices in the scenes of impending sexual coercion are rather dubious; seeming to lean heavily on the side of exploiting a cheeky view of stocking-tops rather than emphasising the horror of the circumstances. It did make me feel decidedly unclean, so I guess it achieved that much.

In the game itself, this (unnamed) lady is “now [making] armor for rangers, a proud and fiercely independent woman” so there’s that.

The trailer itself is below. Metro: Last Light should be coming out next year, if THQ can find enough change down the back of the company sofas.

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