John Morgan introduced as Dead Island: Riptide’s fifth character

5 Nov 2012 by Paul Younger
John Morgan introduced as Dead Island: Riptide’s fifth characterDeadisland Riptide

The fifth playable character for the next installment in the Dead Island series has today been revealed as John Morgan, a character that is a master in hand-to-hand combat which should come in handy when taking on the zombie hordes.

John Morgan didn’t exactly excel in the US navy and now spends his time as a cook on military ship. That same ship is now approaching the island of Palanai in the Banoi archipelago where it’s all about to kick off once again.

Techland has also revealed one of the sequel’s locations, a town called Henderson on the island of Palanai. This location is based on an affluent Mediterranean port which has become flooded following a monsoon. The game’s protagonists will have to venture through the flood and avoid the nasties below the surface as they head for safety on higher ground.

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