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Gabe Newell confirms ongoing work on Valve’s ‘Source 2′ engine

Gabe Newell confirms ongoing work on Valve’s ‘Source 2′ engine

There’s a video doing the rounds, recorded at Valve by members of 4chan’s /v/ board, in which Gabe Newell appears to confirm that the company is working on the follow-up to its Source engine (most likely to be called Source 2). Unfortunately, the video suffers from a few audio problems, but enough of Newell’s response to questions about a new engine seem to survive.

You can watch the ‘new engine’ segment of the video here, and a transcript is below.

Q: Is Valve potentially already working on a new engine?

Gabe Newell: We’ve been working on Valve’s new engine stuff for a while, we’re probably just [inaudible]

Q: Is it going to be more than just an extension to Source? Is it an entirely new engine?

Gabe Newell: Yeah!

Back in August, fans digging through the files of Source Filmmaker found what appeared to be references to the Source 2 engine, so this adds a further layer of credibility to that find.

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