Forge community member crafts beta gameplay video

9 Nov 2012 by Peter Parrish
Forge community member crafts beta gameplay video

You all no doubt managed to catch the IncGamers interview with about their Steam-Greenlit project . If you didn’t, but still wish to, that link above will make all of your dreams come true. The one thing that piece didn’t have was some footage from the PvP-em-up game’s beta.

That’s where Forge community member ‘Pilluminati’ comes in (are they an illuminati member who loves pillows, or involved in some kind of medication conspiracy? who knows!) He or she was the winner of Dark Vale’s movie-making contest for players participating in the beta, and you can see the footage just below these words.

It’s still possible to sign up for 14 free days of Forge beta goodness, if you head to the official site.

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