Explore the depths next year with Infinite Scuba diving sim

15 Nov 2012 by Paul Younger
Explore the depths next year with Infinite Scuba diving simInfinite Scuba

We’ve had sims for just about everything, whether it be city building or even farming. Today Nevada based announced their first game which is a sim called .

If you have a fear of the water or just can’t be bothered to learn to dive,  then this could be the game for you. In Infinite Scuba players are able to explore real life diving locations starting with Chuuk Lagoon, a hot dive location in the South Pacific which is stacked with WWII ship wrecks. As players explore the the wrecks they can take photos to share and earn diving certifications which then unlock additional content . Additional equipment, challenges and dive sites can also be downloaded to extend the diving experience.

Kathie Flood, Managing Director at CGF added:

“By combining the beauty of the undersea world with the science and adventure of real diving, we will appeal to scuba divers and experienced simulation gamers, as well as more casual gamers interested in exploring and learning about the world’s oceans.”

The game is set to be released some time during Q1 next year, and like me you look shocking in a wetsuit and wouldn’t dare scare the fish, check out the official website


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