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EA touts the pre-order ‘Hunter Edition’ of Crysis 3 [Video]

8 Nov 2012 by Peter Parrish
EA touts the pre-order ‘Hunter Edition’ of Crysis 3 [Video]

Imagine my surprise when I learned that pre-ordering a videogame would result in various in-game bonuses being awarded to the buyer. That’s never happened before, and I suspect it will never happen again. In this particular instance, wants to furnish you with a competitive advantage in multiplayer in return for putting your money down early for the ‘’ of .

In it, you’ll get enough XP to instantly hit level five in multiplayer. You’ll also receive a predator bow, recon arrow and hunter nanosuit module; plus three ‘exclusive’ virtual dog tags. The ‘Hunter Edition’ appears to have crossover with other pre-order editions too, in the sense that you’ll get a copy of the original Crysis too (“while stocks last”, as they say).

See the above information in visual form by watching the video, below. It shows a ‘Hunter’ multiplayer game in progress, a mode in which two hunters take on 10 (or 14 on PC) Cell Troopers and attempt to whittle them down to zero. Every time a trooper goes down, he or she respawns as a hunter, slowly tipping the odds in their favour.

Crysis 3 is coming in February 2013.

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