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Community driven MMO project Heroes and Villains now underway (updated)

30 Nov 2012 by Paul Younger
Community driven MMO project Heroes and Villains now underway (updated)Heroes and Villains

[Update]: Right, there seems to be quite a bit of drama and history behind this project. Bearing in mind that I didn’t write the original post (it’s Peter here), let’s update with what I’ve learned.

It appears that Ms. Brooks is a former contributor to a project called Plan Z: The Phoenix Project; an earlier, and ongoing, effort to create a “spiritual successor” to City of Heroes. An FAQ about that project can be found here.

The people behind The Phoenix Project would like it stated that is a totally unrelated effort. For more extensive details, I’d recommend popping down to the comments section for statements from some of the various people involved.

There are evidently some conflicts to sort out here regarding fair usage of materials created by volunteers, and my thoroughly un-legal brain has no opinion whatsoever on that particular matter. Ok! Keep all that in mind as you read the original story.


With the servers for City of Heroes being turned off tonight at midnight, news comes in from a new “virtual studio” called Plan Z who intend to create a new superhero MMORPG to carry on where CoH left off.

The emphasis for Heroes and Villains will be  on community, and not only will the game be initially created by volunteers but the plan is to get development underway then roll out crowd funding options.

Plan Z founder Amanda Brooks added:

“We’re aiming to create a genuinely community-focused and driven game, with an unprecedented level of communication between its developers and players. Plan Z is just a collection of very passionate and very talented fans of comic books and games, so the line between developers and players is going to be very blurred, especially with the amount of consultation and feedback we’re going to be engaging in with other comic and gaming fans during the design process.

The new game will be driven by the Hero Engine and their aim is to create a rich 3D universe, and content they have planned will include team and solo tasks, zone events and instanced missions which are set in Titan City.

No great comic story would be complete without its main characters so get ready to meet the heroic Legion led by Centurion, the cosmic Starlight League, then ancient Atlanteans, the ruthlessly evil Baron Skorpio and his Skorpion organization, the sinister Lemurians and more.

There is an under construction website online now as the project is just getting underway.

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