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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare patched

23 Nov 2012  by   Paul Younger
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Top Banner Studios has released the first patch for first person medieval combat title Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

In this update the server browser has been given a complete makeover, connection issues have been resolved, balance tweaks, improved weapon unlock and bug fixes and polish. The full list of fixes, and it’s a lengthy one, are as follows:

Release Patch 1 Changelist.
- Players have different colors.
- No longer uses the wave spawning found in other game modes.

Team Deathmatch
- A team always has 80 resources regardless of the number of players in the game.

User Interface
- Steam friend HUD markers.
- New ranged weapon crosshair.
- Added options to vote kick, mute, mute all, admin kick, admin ban, and admin mute from scoreboard (once you enable the mouse).
Server Browser
- Sort working better (more responsive and no crashes)
- Right Click Menu Implemented (Connect, Refresh, View Server Info, Add to favorites)
- Detailed Server Info Window (shows the following)
- Server Name
- Server IP
- Player List (with score + time played)
- Player Count
- Friendly Fire %
- Game Speed %
- Talk Option
- Gamoe Mode
- Map
- Country Code
- Server browser selected option is retained as new servers come in.
- Added game speed and country filters
- Added indicators for private and secure servers.
- Filter options hidden by default, shown when you click a button.
- VAC Secure filter improved.
- Added notification for when the server browser is still looking for servers.
- Manual VO menus redone (Z and X for menus, mobile battlecry shifted back to C for when you are sprinting).
- Improved VOIP indication.
- Added cancel button when waiting to join a game.
Keybind Menu
- Allow different commands to be bound to the same key
- Allow a primary kebyind/secondary kebyind on keybinds menu
- Fixed bug where some buttons would cause you to go back in the menu and prevent you from saving (i.e Numpad buttons)

- Updated jump blend for spear and 1-handed weapons
- Updated jump animations for buckler, fist, longbow, heat-shield, double axe, javelin, and longsword.
- Javelin throw changed to be a full body animation.
- Hit animation no longer plays during release.

- Added a delay to forward spawn.
- Burning turns off HP regeneration.
- Firepots destroy pavises caught in the burn radius.
- Autobalance changed to be a LIFO system.
- Autobalance no longer happens in the last two minutes.
- F10 now has a 5 second delay.
- Jump and dodge now have a 0.2 second cooldown.
- Feinting takes actual time (when you feint it’ll take some time before you reach the idle state again and can swing again).
- Can no longer kick and jump simultaneously.
- Defender spawn increased by 3 seconds (should help on BG cart, HS Treb 3 and Stoneshill king objectives).
- Kicking no longer takes an additional miss penalty.
- Missing with 2-handed weapons costs 20 stamina instead of 10.
- Flinch if hit in idle.
- Throwing a javelin stops your sprint.

- New arrow camera sounds.
- Beefed up bow sounds.
- Added new and separate reload sounds for the three bow types.
- Fist blocking sounds.

- Added 51 achievements.
- Veteran Helmets.
- Water now causes ragdolls to float.
- Improved rank calculation.
- Removed unnecesary requirements/libaries the game depended on.
- Added option in input menu to disable chat
- Improved placement of sticky projectiles.

Default Control Changes
- Can additionally feint with Mouse 2 (right click)
- G for VOIP.
- Mouse 2 will zoom in on ranged weapons besides the crossbow.
- Crossbow mouse 1 or 2 to aim.
- Crossbow Q goes from Aim to idle.
- Crossbow fire/zoom when unloaded in aim-up goes back to idle.

Server Operator Options
- Allowed to adjust TDM tickets
- Allowed to adjust # of LTS rounds.
- Allowed to adjust FFA max score.
- Server side option to not allow fists.
- Added a separate death-based autobalance that can be enabled by server operators (first person to die on the team gets switched).

Bug Fixes
- Fixed issue where sometimes UDK.exe would not close properly.
- Fixed issue where weather particles would be rotated weird.
- Fixed issue where max players would get reset over a map change when game ends (when using ?maxplayers).
- Fixed issue where ballista could fire two bolts.
- Fixed issue where you would regen health when sprinting
- Fixed the “Jack Baldy exploit” [enabling/disabling sprint super fast]
- Fixed issue where the javelin had a super slow reload.
- Default to windowed mode to avoid invalid-resolution issues.
- Fixed issue where switching weapons would break some weapons.
- Fixed sisue with javelin getting stuck.
- Fixed pawn shrinking on siege weapon.
- Fixed arms going weird when getting off ballista
- Fixed issue where Mason Kite Shield showing up as an Agathian shield on a player’s back.
- Fixed issue where the signal fire would start after being extinguished.
- Fixed issue where players would be kicked off their current server when Steam has a temporary issue.
- Fixed issue where firepot would not disappear off your screen sometimes.
- Fixed faulty message telling players to ‘Press’ instead of ‘Hold’ the signal fire.
- Fixed issue where you could extinguish the signal fire when you don’t have to.
- Fixed issue where the siege weapon would not display the team properly in the kill indicator.
- Fixed issue where throwing the javelin would display a shield instead of the javelin kill indicator and would not count towards javelin unlocks.
- Fixed issue where decapitated and head crushed players are making death cry and death gurgle sounds.
- Fixed issue where team kills would count towards weapon unlocks.
- Fixed issue where your attacks would not properly perform tracers once you exit a siege weapon.
- Fixed weird animation bug where combo would appear on other side at tiems.
- Fixed issues surrounding the king objective.
- Fixed issue where fire particle on pyre does not always play and where Stoneshill and Battlegrounds burnables were not being consistently hit.
- Fixed an issue where man-at-arms did a tpose when killed while dodging.
- Fixed an issue where having a dagger with a shield caused players to tpose when flinched.
- Fixed issue where hitting an object and being deflected wasn’t displaying for other players in the game.
- Fixed issue where javelin overhead would behave like a shove instead of using tracers.
- Fixed issue with javelin rapid-fire.
- Fixed issue where torch would try to switch back to primary even if the primary weapon is out of ammo.
- Fixed issue where shield would be attached on death.

Crash Fixes
- Disabled MLAA in the defaul system settings which was causing some people to crash (i.e Geforce 7000 series)
- Fixed crashes related to world cleanup.

To find out more about the game if you’ve not tried it, check out Tim and Peter’s IncGamers: Play video.


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