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Archive for 22 November 2012

Gazillion show Marvel Heroes NY ComicCon highlights in video

Gazillion recently entertained the crowds at the New York ComicCon with a developer panel and of course their ARPG Marvel Heroes.

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The bigger your city the bigger the tunes in new Sim City

Music in a game like Sim City doesn’t really feel that important, it’s not required to heighten the tension like and FPS.

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Guild Wars 2 AMA on Monday 26 November

The Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores event didn’t exactly go 100% to plan much to the dismay of some players thanks to bugs, crashes and disconnects.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC patch takes FOV to 90

Treyarch has now kicked out the latest patch for the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2  which now includes the change to FOV which can now be increased to 90.

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Star Citizen pledge grace period runs through this weekend as RSI team thanks backers.

If you tuned into the live stream as they reached the Kickstarter goal for Star Citizen, there was continuous concern over whether the Roberts Space Industries site could handle the load.

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ArenaNet looks at future Guild Wars 2 features including new dungeons

Last weekend’s Lost Shored event was a mixed bag,  had its problems but that was to be expected.

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