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Archive for 19 November 2012

Visa power: Star Citizen raises over $6.0 million USD in funding

Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen has set a new upper barrier for crowd-funding videogames, by hauling in over $6.0 million USD in pledges over the past few weeks.

19 Nov 2012 | 1

Tony Jaa lends his face to the official Ong Bak videogame

The Thai martial arts film series Ong Bak is getting a videogame, in the form of Ong Bak Tri, developed in the Unity game engine by Thailand’s Studio Hive.

19 Nov 2012 | 2

Realms of Arkania lead launches $1 million ‘Thorvalla’ Kickstarter

Guido Henkel, the lead designer of the Realms of Arkania RPG series and producer of Planescape: Torment at Black Isle, is setting sail on the good ship Kickstarter with a new RPG idea.

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Darkfall Unholy Wars kindles interest in the fire elementalist

Aventurine has released a pair of videos about Darkfall Unholy Wars this week, as the PvP-heavy MMO approaches its new release window of December.

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War of the Roses to add “pitched battle” mode this week

There’s a new mode of play on the way for War of the Roses which will test your ability to keep your character alive.

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Star Citizen spaceport concept art to 3D footage

Shortly after reaching the $5 million goal, the latest video for Star Citizen shows some impressive spaceport footage in early development.

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Strike Suit Zero completes successful Kickstarter – Toolset to be released

Born Ready Games have now completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for their space combat title Strike Suit Zero.

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Sims 3: Seasons keeps Black Ops 2 off the top of UK PC charts

The UK PC game charts for week ending 17 November sees the Sims 3: Seasons taking the top spot with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 following closely behind.

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Join the Star Citizen live cast as they countdown to Kickstarter conclusion

Star Citizen has managed to raise over $5 million in crowd funding and they are on the final countdown to the end of the Kickstarter project in just over 12 hours time.

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