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Archive for 6 November 2012

Ubisoft schedules Watch Dogs for 2013

Ubisoft held a financial call to investors today, during which CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed that the futuristic third-person title Watch Dogs, which impressed with an E3 trailer this year, would be coming in 2013.

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Divine Space releases high concept essay as press release

Let’s open this news post up with the admission that I really have no idea what Divine Space is about.

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Addressing the key election issues with Dragon Commander

In a bit of a shameless tie-in with the US Presidential Election (that’s happening today, in case you’re unaware – in which case you must not live in a US swing state), Larian Studios has released some character stills from upcoming title Dragon Commander debating the key issues of the day.

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Black Widow Company show their Planetside 2 strength [Video]

Sony Online Entertainment has issued a new Planetside 2 video, showing a set of players called ‘Black Widow Company’ (sounds suitably like a scary private military force to me) at work in the game.

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Ravaged now has a demo for you to test drive (and fire)

Vehicular combat and FPS mash-up Ravaged has launched a demo, allowing you to get a taste for the cars-n-guns-n-dystopian-wasteland title.

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ArenaNet details November Guild Wars 2 event schedule

This month’s Lost Shores event is not too far away from going live and today ArenaNet has outlined the schedule to make sure players are around to take part.

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F1 Race Stars Demo Tomorrow

Codemasters will be releasing a demo for their arcade racer F1 Race Stars tomorrow on Steam.

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Forge Interview with Tim Alvis of Dark Vale Games

Dark Vale Games were among the very first developers to have their title, Forge, Greenlit through Steam.

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Braben launches Kickstater for Elite: Dangerous – March 2014 release planned

David Braben and Frontier Developments are aiming to bring the classic Elite franchise back to life with Elite: Dangerous, a new game that will push the limits of modern computers like the first games did back in the 1980′s
Braben is looking for £1,250,000 in funding through Kickstarter for what he states will be “an amazing space epic with stunning visuals, incredible gameplay and breath-taking scope”.

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Karateka gets ready for launch

The classic Apple II title Karateka is will be with PC gamers in the not too distance future through Steam as Jordan Mechner has announced that the 360 version will be releasing on 7 November.

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