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Ubisoft doesn’t fear COD, Halo or MOH competition

22 Oct 2012 by John Robertson
Ubisoft doesn’t fear COD, Halo or MOH competition

 couldn’t have chosen a release window this year that’s fuller of other first-person shooters. ’s game is out on 30 November in the UK, shortly after the releases of Halo 4, Medal of Honor: Warfighter and something called Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

However, despite the competition, Ubisoft are confident that the open-world shooter will find success.

Far Cry has always been a little bit off the map in terms of the offer that it gives,” said brand manager Henri Guay. “People are going to continue to play Call of Duty and people are going to look for experiences that give them something a little bit different. We feel we’re in a comfortable spot.”

Far Cry 3 had originally been due out in September, but delays meant it had to be rearranged for November. Guay believes that that was still the right decision:

Far Cry 3 is a big game and there’s an expectation. We wanted to make it as great as it absolutely can be. There were a couple of things we were talking about cutting from the game that I just couldn’t bear to take away from the consumer. So the reality is that we have made a very strategic choice.”

Read our recent hands-on preview of Far Cry 3 here.

Source: MCV

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