Subscription vs Free to Play features in Star Wars: The Old Republic

18 Oct 2012  by   Paul Younger
Star Wars The Old Republic
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SWTOR did not exactly excite the MMO world, and with that in mind, the game will have a free to play option going live in the not too distant future.

On the official SWTOR website they have now listed the differences between the free to play model and the subscription based accounts. Features that will have limited access for the F2P crowd include character creation choices, Operations, WarZones, Flashpoints, Space Missions, inventory, quick travel and more.

Looking at the list, there’s a heck of a lot locked out for free to player gamers, basically anything outside of the standard missions is a no-go. Whether there is just too much still closed off remains to be seen but I guess the whole idea here is to get you hooked on the main quests so you want more and part with the cash.

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