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Strike Suit Zero initiates Kickstarter campaign

18 Oct 2012 by Peter Parrish

If you’ve been to some of the recent gaming showcases like PAX or the Eurogamer Expo, you may already have caught a glimpse of PC title Strike Suit Zero. Born Ready Games is hoping to draw on some of the finer space combat games of the 1990s (X-Wing and Freelancer are name-checked), while adding some innovations of their own.

One such feature is the ability for your craft to morph into a cybernetic robot shape, allowing a greater range of manoeuvres and more tactical options for taking on the range of opposing ships in the game.

The title is quite far along in development (as you should be able to tell from the pitch video below), but Born Ready Games are launching a Kickstarter to raise $100,000 USD for “extra polish”. In the video, this is explained as having more chance to adopt some of the suggestions given by players at the expos mentioned above.

As usual, multiple pledge tiers are available, from $5 USD to $10,000 USD (which will allow you to co-design a mech/craft to be included in the game). It’s also worth noting that Homeworld’s Paul Ruskay is on board to provide the soundtrack.