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SOE warns Planetside 2 aimbot hackers that they’ll be banned

25 Oct 2012 by John Robertson
SOE warns Planetside 2 aimbot hackers that they’ll be banned

It seems the FPS confines of the  beta has been hit by the foul stench of aimbot hackers. Players looking to get high scores to level up faster, to post fancy looking stats and… just for the hell of it.

Developer Sony Online Entertainment is aware of the issue and has threatened to ban those involved if they don’t stop it. Essentially, says that they’ve all been very naughty boys and girls.

Taina Rodriguez, SOE’s senior PR manager said in a statement to PCGamesN, “We are aware of the issue. SOE takes player use of in-game cheats very seriously. Players who use cheats ruin the gameplay experience for the entire community and SOE will continue to be extremely aggressive in detecting and banning players who use cheats.”

You’ve all been warned. Stop it.

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