RIFT: Storm Legion open Beta starts 2 November

25 Oct 2012  by   Paul Younger
RIFT: Storm Legion open Beta starts 2 NovemberRIFT Storm Legion

Following on from the closed beta weekends, TRION will be launching an open Beta for their MMO expansion from 10AM PDT on 2 November. The beta test is pretty short and will shut down on 5 November just in time for the game’s full launch on 13 November. If you have a RIFT account, then you are eligible to take part, but you will have to download the Beta client.

The expansion increases the level cap to 60, adds the player housing ‘Dimensions’ feature, and of course there’s the obligatory new dungeons and raid content just for good measure.

If you’ve been away from the game for a while it may be worth a look, RIFT is one of those MMOs where you tend to play when there’s an update, then put it down for a while.

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