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Project Gorgon MMO Pre-Alpha test starts today

22 Oct 2012 by Paul Younger
Project Gorgon MMO Pre-Alpha test starts today

A few days ago we posted about a new indie MMO that’s being developed by Eric Heimburg (Asheron’s Call 2) and Sandra Powers (Asheron’s Call, Everquest 2). The game is currently in a stage of raising funds through Kickstarter and today they’ve announced a special pre- for Kickstarter supporters.

So why is this an interesting MMO? In the past few years we have seen MMOs come and go, and there’s no doubt the genre has been somewhat dumbed-down following the success of World of Warcraft. However, Project Gorgon is looking to take a more traditional approach while bringing new features to the genre. The idea behind the game is to explore, you won’t be told where to go every step of the way, making it feel like a true adventure experience.

It’s a nice idea and we’ll let you know if that becomes a source of frustration or enjoyment when we get in-game. Watch out for more on Project Gorgon here on IncGamers.

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