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Prison Architect alpha sales raise $360,000 USD for Introversion

29 Oct 2012 by Peter Parrish
Prison Architect alpha sales raise $360,000 USD for Introversion

, makers of Defcon and Darwinia, have done rather well for themselves out of the alpha, raising $360,000 USD by selling early access to the project (as well as other goodies like getting your own name in the game). This figure was revealed in the latest update on the team’s forums, which also goes into more detail about the latest developments on the title.

The plan is to remain in alpha “for quite some time” while features are added, stripped out, and generally played around with. Coming up in the next version will be ‘sectors’ that divide the prison up into self-contained areas, the possibility of prisoners digging escape tunnels, and RIOTS. That’s in all-caps, due to how serious it is.

Introversion’s intent is to have a release schedule of “somewhere between two and four weeks between each update” for new alpha builds, and you can still get on board through the game’s official site.

You can read the full update post here, complete with sales graphs and Introversion’s excitement that “these sales are way beyond our expectations”.

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