Prey 2 stuck in “limbo”, says dev Human Head

17 Oct 2012 by John Robertson
Prey 2 stuck in “limbo”, says dev Human Head

It has been one of the biggest gaming mysteries of the past year, what has happened to ?

After it was announced in March 2011 the game was shown off to press (including to us in this preview) heavily pushed by ’s PR team’s and subsequently went dark. The most recent statement from publisher is not the game is not been cancelled, it’s been delayed to allow improvements to be made.

According to Prey 2 developer ’s lead level designer Nathan Cheever, the game is currently struck in “limbo” and when/if it’s going to be released is still unknown.

And that’s a shame, because from what we’ve seen Prey 2 was looking impressive. Sure, press previews tend to be heavily monitored and edited affairs designed to only let you a game’s best angle, but we’ve been to enough to know when we’re looking at a dud and when we aren’t.

Hopefully, the open-world sci-fi game will get a release date soon and we can all stop worrying about if it’s ever going to see the light of day.

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