Pay What You Want arrives on GoG with Divinity

10 Oct 2012 by Paul Younger
Pay What You Want arrives on GoG with DivinityDivine Diviniy

’ classic RPG series is the first bundle to appear under the new “Pay What You Want” model on . The premise is simple, you pay as little or as much as you want for Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity, and Divinity II – Developer’s Cut.

There is an incentive to pay a reasonable price for the games because if you pay more than the average that the community has paid you also get Beyond Divinity with extras. The top 10% of backers of the bundle also get tagged as “top supporters” and will receive all three Divinity Games including Divinity II: Developer’s Cut which is a special version of the game with developer mode allowing players to tinker with all the commands used by the developers.

The bundle will be available from 01:00AM GMT on 18 October and the more people that support the bundle, the more goodies will be released such as extra videos and rare content. Divinity may look dated now, but it was a cracking RPG that we recommend you check it out.

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