Mechwarrior Online’s open beta re-scheduled for 29 October

26 Oct 2012 by Peter Parrish
Mechwarrior Online’s open beta re-scheduled for 29 OctoberMechWarrior Online

has announced that the delayed open beta for will kicking off this coming Monday, 29 October. For real, this time. Definitely. Russ Bullock, president of Piranha, has addressed a few issues relating to the beta, which you can read on the game’s official blog.

According to Bullock, the open beta will represent a “FINAL data wipe”. Any in-game currency, whether purchased during closed beta or gained as a result of a pre-order will be reimbursed and can be spent all over again.

All ‘Founders’ will have their ‘premium time’ reset in a patch, estimated to be due 13 November. At this point, Founders will be able to choose when they wish to begin spending the ‘premium time’.

Bullock also adds that players shouldn’t expect the Mechwarrior Online open beta to be one hundred percent representative of the final game. Seems like an obvious point, but some may need it re-stating.

You can register for the beta here.

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