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Kickstarter launches in the UK

31 Oct 2012 by Paul Younger
Kickstarter launches in the UKKickstarter

One of the major drawbacks of was the fact that you had to be a US based company to benefit from the crowd funding service. The good news for UK developers is that has launched in the UK today.

Previously developers were having to jump through hoops if they were not based in the US, and even though there are other crowd funding sources available int he UK, Kickstarter is certainly the best known.

The UKIE, the UK’s  Games and interactive entertainment trade body has also welcomed the launch of Kickstarter.  Ukie CEO, Dr Jo Twist added:

“Crowdfunding gives games businesses a fantastic way of raising money for their ideas. Crowdfunding is also a fantastic way to generate metrics to not only understand the appetite for their idea but to generate interest from other investors. The games industry has raised more money on the US version of Kickstarter than any other content category this year, prompting them to call 2012 Year of the Game, and its launch in the UK is only to be welcomed as it will make it even easier for games businesses based in this country to make use of the platform.

We expect to see more UK developers jump at the chance of utilising Kickstarter so watch this space.

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