Hotline Miami opens its switchboard later this month

9 Oct 2012 by Peter Parrish
Hotline Miami opens its switchboard later this month

If I told you that on 23 October you would be able to buy a $10 USD game that sees you donning animal masks and performing a series of score-attack style kills in a neon wonderland, I hope you’d be interested. Well, guess what, on 23 October you will be able to buy a … well, you know the rest.

That’s the date when releases its top-down self upon the world through the medium of Steam and Get Games. It’s the latest title from prolific indie developer Jonatan ‘’ Söderström, in conjunction with artist Dennis Wedin. If you want to observe the caliber of ’ previous work, then enjoy this free game in which men believe they are cars.

For your second dose, watch the Hotline Miami trailer below. If you pre-order the game, it’ll save you about 10% of the price.

The team is promising a Mac version “as soon as we can” and is also looking at a console release.

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