Ghost Recon Online patch adds clan options, Halloween guns

26 Oct 2012 by Peter Parrish
Ghost Recon Online patch adds clan options, Halloween guns

will be adding a fair few new features with its 0.9.0 patch, including a matchmaking filter for newer players, -themed weapons and the first stages of clan integration.

That first feature will be dubbed ‘The Beginner’s List’ and will help players who are new to the game find others in a similar stat and skill category to play against. You’ll only be able to use this if all three of your characters are between levels one and four, so there shouldn’t be anything to fear from veterans trolling you (unless they just start up a separate account, I guess).

The Halloween weapons are pictured below and will be available for a limited period over the spooky holiday season. As Halloween-themed stuff goes, they’re a little low-effort … but they do have the right colour scheme and decorative skulls.

Finally, 0.9.0 will add some clan options to the game. For a full breakdown on that, watch the video below. Essentially, the social aspects of clans are being introduced at present, with more options scheduled for an update in January 2013.

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