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Free Adventures of Shuggy levels teleporting in for Halloween

22 Oct 2012 by Peter Parrish
Free Adventures of Shuggy levels teleporting in for Halloween

is the season when so many games get fat with extra DLC or new bits for you to try out. So it is with The , which will offer 40 new (and free) single player levels for the version of the game. Dubbed ‘Shuggy’s Teleporting Troubles’, this fresh set of tests for the purple protagonist will equip Shuggy with a second teleportation device.

It’s early, so my mind is already buckling under the strain of trying to figure out what kind of double-teleporting puzzles will have dreamt up for these extra levels. Chances are they’ll be devious.

The new set of levels will be available at no cost from 26 October. The Adventures of Shuggy is available on Steam, Desura and through Smudged Cat’s own site for $5.00 USD, and is a puzzle-platforming treat.

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