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17 Oct 2012 by Paul Younger Season 1 starts tonightDiablo 3 Ladders

When launched it was apparent that Blizzard had no plans to create a ladder system like there was in Diablo 2, much to the disappointment of many fans of the series.

Here on IncGamers we thought long and hard on how we could at least get close to a ladder system, so utilising Blizzard API we set to work and created

Tonight the first season kicks off leveling from level 1 upwards. Anyone can join in by registering an account on the website, entering your Battletag and joining the ladder season.

That’s not all though, there are special monthly Kill Score ladders for players wanting to track how they are doing against others. Finally there is special group feature where you can add your friends and create your own ladder lists just with your playing buddies or guild.

If you are a Diablo 3 player we urge you to check out the site and join in the fun.

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