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Darkfall: Unholy Wars introduces the Bearsark [Video]

22 Oct 2012 by Peter Parrish
Darkfall: Unholy Wars introduces the Bearsark [Video]

has released what may well be the first look at some Darkfall: Unholy Wars gameplay in action. In this footage, you’ll see the ‘Bearsark’ school from the Warrior class making use of the stampede and stomp skills to rush about and knock some people away. ‘Stomp’ is actually kind of an odd choice of name for the skill because the animation looks more like a force push, but there we go.

This video has been released in conjunction with a development blog post about skills and abilities in general.

Apparently, players will pick up two schools of skills, based on the role they choose (Bearsark, for example, is one school under the Warrior role). Each of these schools will contain four abilities and one ‘ultimate’. Only the ‘ultimate’ from your primary school will be available, and skills from a secondary school will cost more mana/stamina and have increased cooldowns.

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