British set to invade World of Tanks v8.1

4 Oct 2012  by   Paul Younger
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Wargaming has confirmed that the British tanks will be added in the next update for World of tanks (v8.1).

Tanks confirmed to appear in the update include the very small Vickers Medium Mk I, the heavyweight FV 214 Conqueror, the Centurion Mk. I-IV and the Centurion Mk. V-XI medium tanks, the heavily armored Matilda medium, and finally the Churchill heavies. Wargaming will also be adding SPGs and tank destroyers in a later patch.

The British are not he only new additions to the game in 8.1, the Soviet SU-11 44, the German PzIV Schmalturm VI and the Panther M10 are also rolling out along with an overhauled rendering and lighting system on five more battle arenas (Province, El Halluf, Dragon Ridge, Abbey, and Prokhorovka).

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