What is Nintendo Network Premium?

13 Sep 2012 by John Robertson
What is Nintendo Network Premium?

As part of the conference during which they confirmed the Japanese Wii U release date, also unveiled Network Premium. And then failed to say much about it…

What we do know is that those who decide to plump for the Premium Wii U over the Basic model will get free access to Premium. While it might sound like the Nintendo version of a paid-for subscription service (i.e. Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Network Plus), from what we know so far it’s more like a rewards program.

Kinda like a Nectar Card or Best Buy Loyalty Program.

Each time a Nintendo Network Premium member buys a game, they’ll be given 10 per cent of the purchase value in points that can be redeemed for new digital games and/or DLC. If you go for the Premium Wii U console, you’ll get membership that runs through to the end of 2014.

Presumably, although this isn’t confirmed, those that go for the Basic Wii U will have to buy their way into Nintendo Network Premium.

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