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Runic looking at Torchlight 2 Guild grouping to keep out unwanted players

21 Sep 2012 by Paul Younger

With Torchlight 2 now launched, players are finding that other players joining non-passworded games are using hacked characters. With the game being moddable this is of course to be expected. You can password your game to keep the buggers out but sometimes it’s not convenient to pass on that information to your buddies.

To help address the problem, Runic are looking at adding a guild grouping function that would work as a trusted friends list which is an pre-approved group of players so you know you are not going to be hassled by hackedplayers. Runic’s Travis Baldree posted:

In the future we are hoping to introduce guild functionality such that you can have a pre-approved, administrated ‘group’ that you can play with, without having to individually friend a load of people.

That way you won’t have to go through the tedium of adding individual friends ( Which is also why we do Steam friends linking, um, when our account system isn’t being beaten to pieces ), but still play with people you don’t really know.

With Torchlight 2 impressing ARPG fans since yesterday’s launch, any tools to make the online environment more friendly will be a big plus to players.

Source: Torchlight: IncGamers